Slow Treadmill Day

Oslo is freezing let me tell you. Barely felt my legs as I was walking to the gym. Had to pull my winter cap neatly over my ears.

Ran 5KM on the treadmill, the speed though was rather slow. Slow workout is perfect for any Sunday, when Saturday prevents going to bed in time.

On the MP3 I´ve saved the perfect album to motivate me to never stop running. From trying and failing I´ve finally found routines I like.

Working out should always be fun. If it´s not fun it´s not always the right routine. When I´m on the treadmill the fun is watching telly and listening to music. Having four TV-screens to choose from, yes that is quite a luxury. Combined with a slow speed on the treadmill, I call this a perfect Sunday.



Illustration via: Woman DK 


Happy Friday y´all. Serving you virtual crispbread

On the right side of my computer I have a white cup that needs to be filled. Some tea and the day is marked a good one. Cheapest way of adding a touch of luxury.

Baked crispbread from scratch this morning. Oh, how much more time I´ve gotten. Slowly trying to be more of an early bird, hard work for a devoted lounging in kind of girl. Arose at the crack of dawn this morning to go on a little walk. About half an hour, that´s how long it took for the chilled air to go into effect.

I wish you a pleasant Friday. Virtual crispbead is served with delicious caviar from a tube.



Recipe: Fotballfruers dagbok 

Just comment if you would like to have the recipe in English. I´d be happy to assist.

Photography by: KJ Andersen


Winter running

Braved myself out for a morning run at 6.45AM. With stable 21.2.F (-6C) let me tell you I woke up. Pushing boundaries that is the reward, however while running the run itself is on my mind. The roads are icy, and it´s always a challenge to prevent slipping.

Fortunate that it was too cold for slippery ice. Everything was really pretty in the dark, as I ran along the path. Passed a stable and an idyllic lake.

If temperatures stay the same more runs are on the morning menu. The right gear is absolute necessary. Purchasing a buff is smart. Tested mine for the first time this morning, and it kept me warm. Important to think about your lungs. Layer up.

Running outside during winter with the right gear, and in the right temperature range is fun. Just warm up inside. Get energized with a little food. Stretch out afterwards yet again inside.

Happy running! 

Workout gear winter

Clothes from: Baselayer Pants Zappos.com/ Baselayer Sweater Zappos.com / Thermal Jacket Nike.com/ Nike Thermal Pants Nordstrom.com / Nike Running Shoes Zappos.com /Running Cap Zalando.co.uk / Puma Gloves Zalando.co.uk / Buff Original Buff Backcountry.com / iPod Shuffle 


Happy & Worked Out

With the second work out session completed today (this week) I feel very happy. I have a diary to keep records on the progress. I do think writing everything down makes it easier to actually do the work out. You are perhaps like me – if nothing is set  in stone the stone won´t be efficient.

I need a bit of structure to do things, and this work out diary is the best thing that´s ever happened to my work out. It´s very rewarding to fill in a completed session. Seeing that it´s not impossible to hear the sound of “check” ringing inside.

For me working out is never about weight loss, it´s about staying in shape & fit. You should never feel bad about eating sugary meals afterwards. I don´t feel bad at all. I have a cake planned later on, if I actually do bake it. I might go for a chocolate bar.

Working out is just about pushing boundaries, see that even though in the middle of running you can go that extra mile. Because that´s the idea about working out at least for me.  I just love how I feel when I am done with a session 🙂


Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen


My brother the personal trainer

Wonderful to be able to run outside again. My brother has inspired me to be better at working out. He is my source of inspiration when it comes to being fit.

His sister, me, on the other hand needs not just a push, I need a bulldozer push to pull myself together. That´s why it´s wonderful to have a brother who never gives up.

I told him that he should become a personal trainer because he is that good.

I see the advantage of having a strict routine 😉 Then again I have people I admire for their persistence (like my brother). Making me want to go that extra mile to harvest the reward.

I know that it takes more than one time to reach any goal, but I´m sure my brother will tell me if I slack down. Because there is always room for improvement. Being healthy should always be a valuable investment.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen