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The sunny side of Oranienburger Strasse

Three nights in a row woken up at Oranienburger Strasse, staying at the lovely Generator Berlin Mitte. Years ago, I used to stay more around U Wittenbergplatz, making it Ku´damm a more natural place of strolling. This time around, I´ve come to find other places of awaken interest. Oranienburger Strasse is also very personal in a sense, me since the age of 13-14 having had an eye for the Jewish cause. The street used to have a more lively Jewish presence before World War Two, it currently is the home of the Neue Synagoge, a marvelous sight.

Far from every Jew is perfect nor an angel, but it´s been an interest for ages. It´s been a wonderful treat strolling from it down to Alexanderplatz or the Museumsinsel in the “morning” (got my own interpretation of what´s morning you could say, I love sleeping in if I can), a few raindrops and just take in the crisp December air. With or without my Jewish interest, this street has become another Berlin favorite. You definitely don´t need that interest to like it. Far from it. img_4872Image by: Kajsa J. Andersen (not a sponsored post)

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Unpolished running shoes along Tiergarten

Circumstances fixed a date with the red suitcase dragging along, my feet and the night of Berlin, twice. Although it was cut short the second time around. You get a little more vulnerable in the night, like will you get questions about the suitcase?  Truth be told, the little red monster as I call it is what I carry around looking for work. Some clothes and stuff, nothing more, but it is heavy. It´s fair to say Berlin and I had a rough start, as a devoted Internet appreciator this city is a foe to my computer. The ever so sensitive computer, it just won´t make it everywhere.

Over the night, those crowded, busy sightseeing spots becomes vacant. A Soviet memorial and I, an intimate encounter. The tanks and I, plus the long roads of the Tiergarten it became an adventure for my unpolished shoes.






img_4838Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen (magazine is not sponsored)

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A red suitcase to Landsberger Allee

Been dragging my heavy red suitcase across Berlin, hostel hopping. You get to see the city either walking or using the public transportation system, mastering the art of making yourself as tiny as possible to make space for people in crowded times. When the evening comes, finding an empty chair at Dussmann to escape into old Berlin, the war from a SS perspective or like yesterday when I saw several unseen pictures of KZ Buchenwald. There was even an image book depicting the consequences of the Berlin Wall. Hardly a chance to take a close look at all books, there are simply too many whom suits many an interest.

It´s been years since I was in Berlin the last time, it´s like rediscovering it but also discovering new places, like Moabit. I arrived via Athens, the first night I slept on my inherited black leather jacket, on this cold marble-ish floor at Schönefeld, realizing I had slept outside the police station.









img_47841. Olympiastadion, Berlin 2. Museumsinsel 3. Der Bäcker Feihl, Friedrichstrasse 4. Treptower Park 5. Flakturm Humboldthain 6. American Vintage, Bikini Berlin 7. Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus 8. Starbucks, Friedrichstrasse 9. Karl-Marx-Allee (not a sponsored post)

Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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City Summer

Pondered upon the Munich shooting on the conflicting narratives, what to believe is the narrative closest to the truth. Five years ago my capital Oslo (Utøya) suffered a bomb blast, and only two days after I went to see the damage. One theory in the Munich shooting links it to Anders B. Breivik according to the investigators  (a claim sounding modified according to this Tagesschau article) while CNN reportedly had an eyewitness “Loretta” describing the shooter having said “Allahu Akbar.”

Makes you wonder which is correct or if there is more to the story. Sentiments of empathy for the victims aside, pondering upon the narratives offers reflection. It´s a little early to have a precise opinion from my point of view, however welcomes more in-depth information on what appears to have been a planned shooting. There might be graphic content in the links. For more updates @KajsaJAndersen on Twitter.





Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen (Oslo, Norway)

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Spring Is In The Air

With the flare-up of tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh area, I have revisited this conflict I wrote a paper about once. Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov said it was Armenian provocations on April 2nd which began this latest round, he even points out the illegal presence of Armenian troops in an AZERTAC interview.

Through a 1994 report from Human Rights Watch I have come to the same conclusion, Nagorno-Kabarnakh is legally belonging to Azerbaijan. Armenian presence traced to Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh today) is true, however I base political opinions on current events rather than historical ones. Reasoning with all the historical events between Artsakh and today, where do you draw the line?





Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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You Are The Only One

When Russia last year selected Polina Gagarina to represent the country in Eurovision Song Contest, it made me really excited. Sergey Lazarev for Russia this year, feels exactly the same. When I was in Russia a few years back I visited a small record store in St. Petersburg, it was a little daunting asking for assistance but it had to be done. In my head I thought I pronounced Sergey Lazarev correctly, I was wrong the cashier did not understand. Ended up having to look for it myself.

His song “You Are The Only One” to the contest been on massive repeat, when you have such high expectations it´s great having them met. Very familiar with the rest of his music, some of my favorites are “7 wonders,” “Heartbeat,””Vspominay” and “Naydi Menya.” Who knows what´s going to happen in Eurovision Song Contest? fCwl4N2VqQY






Image credit: RTR

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Mittens and boots

February is coming, gone through a very cold period and staying inside been the natural choice. It´s been the kind of cold no layers of warm clothes could have embraced, most likely you would end up cold. This weekend the temperatures increased, you can witness the change from crisp powder snow to a more moist consistency. Admit it´s rather nice having yet another winter month behind, spring is such a lovely season up north. Watching the flowers blossom, look forward to the wonderful sight. IMG_2362Cookies








IMG_2378CookiesImages by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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