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The red suitcase gang meets again in Oslo

Back in Norway tonight, worked on my airport hair (let me tell you, it´s not as easy to keep up with hygiene in such a location) again at Schönefeld for a couple of nights before departing, it´s that kind of hair with does get a little extra glossy rather quick. Spent one week once literally sleeping, eating and living at the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos, was in November last year.

Me, my biggest red suitcase and a purple backpack. One week with those two tagging along everywhere, it´s like a little family now of irritation and joy kinda. On the extra glossy hair, resorted to the hoodie as the week progressed, I never really got the washing right, so I just tried to hide the extra glossy strands of hair.

On one morning, it was a surprise for me waking up at a crowded McDonald´s, only to have remembered to have decided to stay there the other night. I rushed to the ladies room before realizing it, as I was just taken by the surprise. img_5144
Image by: Kajsa J. Andersen (Schönefeld, magazine is purchased)

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From one morning waking up in the East

The wall nowadays only scattered in pieces around the city, still there is that East flair here and there. In the evening yesterday I took a brief halt outside the DDR museum on some bench structure, the majestic Berliner Dom and the River Spree were a haunting sight. Were I sat, it was pretty cold too, the Berliner Dom looked even bigger. It´s one of those buildings you can just look at, and never get tired of.

Berlin is a city with their layered history intact to see, a little old, a little Soviet and a little new. I often ponder on the thought what might have been if World War Two had not taken place, from the images seen perhaps it was a little more Paris, who knows? img_4923
Image by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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The sunny side of Oranienburger Strasse

Three nights in a row woken up at Oranienburger Strasse, staying at the lovely Generator Berlin Mitte. Years ago, I used to stay more around U Wittenbergplatz, making it Ku´damm a more natural place of strolling. This time around, I´ve come to find other places of awaken interest. Oranienburger Strasse is also very personal in a sense, me since the age of 13-14 having had an eye for the Jewish cause. The street used to have a more lively Jewish presence before World War Two, it currently is the home of the Neue Synagoge, a marvelous sight.

Far from every Jew is perfect nor an angel, but it´s been an interest for ages. It´s been a wonderful treat strolling from it down to Alexanderplatz or the Museumsinsel in the “morning” (got my own interpretation of what´s morning you could say, I love sleeping in if I can), a few raindrops and just take in the crisp December air. With or without my Jewish interest, this street has become another Berlin favorite. You definitely don´t need that interest to like it. Far from it. img_4872Image by: Kajsa J. Andersen (not a sponsored post)

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Originally a 2014 story published in the online edition of International Business Times UK, these pictures of an abandoned Hellenikon airport, Athens are very telling. The airport was built in 1938, used as a Nazi Luftwaffe base during World War Two. Afterwards, by the United States Air Force.

History took it´s course for this airport in 2001 when it closed, to make way for a more modern one prior to the 2004 Olympics. Myself, having never been to this airport I can only use my imagination while looking at the pictures. For former travelers these pictures might have a nostalgic flair, evoking memories like waiting at the gate for the flight. Regardless, they possess a raw quality. athens-ghost-airport








athens-ghost-airport-6Images and information via:, credit: Reuters

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Oh, those summer nights…

Written in collaboration with CupoNation. Oh my, it has been a delight spending time outside in summer clothes the past few days. Summer ready, yes. Evenings have gone by hotel dreaming of Athens, Greece. Never been there, but wish for the history and local cuisine. On top of my list the Acropolis, Syntagma Square and the Agora. Other sights naturally as well.

Being spontaneous too for the unexpected gems, for instance the charming cafe “Musiko Kafeneio” in Nea Smyrni with a laid-back feel. For those days in-between sightseeing to unwind and enter relax mode. I like a mix of planned activities and open hours. Now and then, it´s nice to just start somewhere and see where the days takes you.

Have you been to Athens, Greece?

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