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The Cold War

In connection with the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall last weekend, seen lots of Cold War documentaries depicting the political tension between America and the USSR.

Shares a Vimeo dated September 12th 1989 of Glienicker Brücke, a bridge connecting the Wannsee district of Berlin with the Brandenburg capital Potsdam.  Starting date of the fall of the wall or Mauerfall November 9th. I wish you all a great beginning of a new week.

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Raspberries in Red Square

Happy new week. Thought I wanted to talk about the #SayNoToMrPutin hashtag again, my personality easily engages in political affairs. Opened up my personal FB wall and Twitter account for people who opposes the current regime in Russia. I don´t take credit for the campaign (which is perfectly run by some creative people, impressed by their work). I only support the campaign by sharing what they do.

Through dedication and learning by closely following the events unfolding in Ukraine, from the first news of Crimean occupation to the Ukrainian parliamentary elections yesterday, have I also discovered Russian citizens sharing the same hopes and dreams of more democracy. This Raspberries in Red Square shawl from Comtesse Sofia is incredibly pretty, so is this great song from the amazing singer Vlad Sokolovsky. The #SayNoToMrPutin campaign creates room both for Russia and Ukraine, I would love for both to prosper politically.

You can check out more from Comtesse Sofia here, what do you think? I also think the Afternoon on Carmine Street scarf is pretty.10268514_816601531717409_701435358820144318_n
Image via: Comtesse Sofia Paris Facebook

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Звёзды над Москвой

I have a postcard of a man and a leather jacket (from the brand Mardou&Dean) right at my desk, leather jackets and I are in a great relationship together. Go grocery shopping even in a all-leather attire whenever the mood aspires. Live in a sweatpants land (sweatpants weekends are of course scheduled, even for me), totally okay with the sweatpants shopping look. This tune has been my track of the day, the stars over Moscow (Звёзды над Москвой) must be something. You could find me at row 28 (think so) during his performance here, by the way.
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