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Sometimes dreams are constant, but with alterations.

As of lately, the heavens have opened up and let out all of the tears, who knows if summer is already over? The return of the wet shoe season, the socks are having their own little “pool party” inside. Eventually, I am thinking some pairs more up to the rain task, wouldn’t be so bad.

All of my Brezel cravings been diligently met through a Backstube in Oslo, naturally, a wet Brezel moment strolling down Skippergata assumingly one super teary day. I waited underneath something of shelter, but in vain, as when you cry sometimes you cry some more.

You know what I miss, the bigger city feel, the feeling of getting lost in a new neighborhood and when the neighborhood does not feel like the “whole city.” This 1910 side-street Kurfürstendamm loft is exactly after my own cup of tea, the older the better. I’ve been stocking up on German magazines and language tools, lately. Wanna try another Franzbrötchen at Friedrichstrasse, and let the laptop rest for a change.

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Images via: Sotheby’s International Realty (click the link to view the rest)

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Soccer Girl

Hello hump day! Today, a little darker, industrial feel is on my interior menu. When it comes to interior design I lean towards a contemporary, minimalistic approach. I´m one of those people you´ll find at IKEA relaxing in some couch watching a soccer game, then straight to the cafeteria to savor a hot meal. 1a2af91eb53b55641b53cf58511f64b5f9b213cd3c0d432ef8e153e0c1385465
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