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Between a bloody duvet and mega dorm, looking towards Friedrichstrasse

Nowadays the road to my dreams seems long, like the dreams of the people who lived in “Ørkenen Sur,” where everyday life is of little glamour and its all about making it to the next one. Several Norwegians ended up in “Ørkenen Sur” around the time of the Great Depression, making homes on a landfill site in Brooklyn.

For some the hopes of wealth and prosperity instead ended up being quite reversed, and going back to Norway could have been a defeat and instead chose to stay. Between a bloody duvet and a mega dorm in Berlin, the return to Oslo it hasn´t exactly been the cure, perhaps though the ever-changing days in Berlin made me more prepared to meet more.

While I was sitting inside the Starbucks by the subway station Friedrichstrasse, I was very much reminded of dreams I´ve tried to bury both a little out of fright and also if I deserved it. Nonetheless, having dreams and pursuing them two different stories. east-river-below-brooklyn-bridge-1941





Images via, Photo: Courtesy of Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection / Indiana University Archives

Documentary “Ørkenen Sur” NRK click here

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A red suitcase to Landsberger Allee

Been dragging my heavy red suitcase across Berlin, hostel hopping. You get to see the city either walking or using the public transportation system, mastering the art of making yourself as tiny as possible to make space for people in crowded times. When the evening comes, finding an empty chair at Dussmann to escape into old Berlin, the war from a SS perspective or like yesterday when I saw several unseen pictures of KZ Buchenwald. There was even an image book depicting the consequences of the Berlin Wall. Hardly a chance to take a close look at all books, there are simply too many whom suits many an interest.

It´s been years since I was in Berlin the last time, it´s like rediscovering it but also discovering new places, like Moabit. I arrived via Athens, the first night I slept on my inherited black leather jacket, on this cold marble-ish floor at Schönefeld, realizing I had slept outside the police station.









img_47841. Olympiastadion, Berlin 2. Museumsinsel 3. Der Bäcker Feihl, Friedrichstrasse 4. Treptower Park 5. Flakturm Humboldthain 6. American Vintage, Bikini Berlin 7. Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus 8. Starbucks, Friedrichstrasse 9. Karl-Marx-Allee (not a sponsored post)

Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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A Walkman and a chair

Capitalism vs. communism, or the power play between the US and the former Soviet Union. That is the theme of the German series “Deutschland 83,” which I just started watching (some graphic content). It´s revolving around Martin Rauch whom leaves his East German home, to infiltrate the West German army. Halfway into it, wonderful acting by the cast.

A person like myself who have no recollection of the Cold War period, it´s difficult to understand this particular political conflict. Remnants could of course be traced in the political sphere at present time, “Deutschland 83” however describes a tale of the technological progression of the past. The Walkman, forbidden literature and 99 Luftballons are all contributing to setting the mood.






Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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Originally a 2014 story published in the online edition of International Business Times UK, these pictures of an abandoned Hellenikon airport, Athens are very telling. The airport was built in 1938, used as a Nazi Luftwaffe base during World War Two. Afterwards, by the United States Air Force.

History took it´s course for this airport in 2001 when it closed, to make way for a more modern one prior to the 2004 Olympics. Myself, having never been to this airport I can only use my imagination while looking at the pictures. For former travelers these pictures might have a nostalgic flair, evoking memories like waiting at the gate for the flight. Regardless, they possess a raw quality. athens-ghost-airport








athens-ghost-airport-6Images and information via:, credit: Reuters

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Down memory lane

You know the feeling of having been to a place (those streets not seen for long), thinking you have seen it all and by chance something new adds upon. The sensation I had this weekend looking at these black and white photos. Suddenly, by knowing more of the history and everyday doings a place gets more alive. A modern-day grocery store visit or the evening run get new layers of information, only to enhance.






Images via: Provo City 

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From the video description: “Pyramiden is a Russian settlement and coal mining community on the archipelago of Svalbard, Norway. Founded by Sweden in 1910 and sold to the Soviet Union in 1927, Pyramiden was closed in 1998 and has since remained largely abandoned with most of its infrastructure and buildings still in place.”

Enjoy this Arctic guided tour.