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Reminiscing in maps and coffee shops

When you suffer from Berlin withdrawals, was most likely not “chance” leading me to the coffee shop Hendrix Ibsen with a coffee shop in Berlin, Oslo kaffebar, around Nordbahnhof. One month in the big city, ironically, got to this first arriving in Oslo. Developed a habit of diving comfortably in a chair at Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus to open a book or letting the mind wander by the Vertikaler Garten. The latter, a vertical garden containing numerous plants, on cold December days provided a pleasant escape.

Thinking back on my new favorite things, first Treptower Park with the exciting abandoned Spreepark and Sowjetische Ehrenmal nearby. Imagining how it must be during summer, with a cold beverage or just strolling around. Another newcomer, Flakturm Humboldthain in Volkspark Humboldthain. Saw it in the BTNG music video “Gewachsen auf Beton” and something I just had to see. Traveled on a very tight budget, but this was part of the park Sunday I had.img_5210


img_5216Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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Relax @ 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

Hope you have/still enjoys lazy Christmas days, discovered 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin (also in Hamburg, Zürich, Wien and Frankfurt). Instantly, the monkey drew me in. What do you think? Check out the hotel here. 3628de8e8aea4b9b81cad09544c21fdd 27f0f514d29c4dc69c8042d618a1cb60 ff01f52cd4554a2e8b41f48949449cbb 6dd7f672984f4d3285ca5bde615f7422 2893_7_25hours_Hotel_Bikini_Berlin-Aussenansicht
Image credit: 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, via archilovers.com

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Frosty the Snowman

A few snaps from Oslo in both a cold and Christmas mode. Ten points to all the people who braved the crisp air dining outside. Lucky me, encountering Frosty the Snowman outside a restaurant. He was quite the charmer.IMG_7093Cookies-2 IMG_7094Cookies-2 IMG_7095Cookies-2 IMG_7101Cookies-2 IMG_7102Cookies-2

Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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U Nollendorfplatz

Watched “Berlin in Farbe 1933-1939 – Zeitreise mit Stefan Aust” today, a documentary in color of Berlin 1933-1939. Adding color to a reality I´m accustomed comes in black and white, makes an interesting difference.

These two images are of U Nollendorfplatz, one old (1903) and one more recent. Remember this particular station, one morning on a vacation a few years back I was heading towards Wannsee and Potsdam from U Wittenbergplatz. Mornings are not when I sparkle, quickly realizing I was heading in the wrong direction and jumped off at U Nollendorfplatz. A man approached me on his way to a fair, asking for help getting to his destination. He was dressed in business attire, in my case it was one of those mornings (usually I get it right) neither I had everything under control. In Potsdam a deja vu happened, as the center faded away in the distance, on one public transportation ride. Funny thing, situations like these are those I remember the most.

A Staubkind tune sets the tone this day. 1024px-Berlin,_Schoeneberg,_Nollendorfplatz,_U-Bahnhof,_1903 U-Bahnhof_Nollendorfplatz,_U2_Level_20130727_1
Images via: wikipedia, wikipedia

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City Girl

Needless to say Berlin is “my” city, like Unter den Linden at 11:30PM when the lights are gone and the city bathes in darkness. findingberlin.com offers architectural diversity, the images are therefrom. While gdw-berlin.de satisfies my sense of history. And you know I have yet to visit the Currywurst Museum. This tune is perfect for the city. What do you think? mp_m29-03  mp_m29-09 mp_m29-11 mp_m29-12 mp_m29-16
Images via: findingberlin.com

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