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Typing while it rains, the newfound luxury of something new.

Feels like ages ago when my first Mac broke down, just a few months though, you know when you’ve built a relationship and it just ends in a moment of surprise. That’s how it felt like. All these libraries visited instead to browse and to be educated on a variety of topics. It shows, my black boots are faded, I’m gonna keep them that way as a reminder of all the walking.

All the occasions where I stood under trees waiting for the rain to stop, one moment in particular at a cemetery when the rain slowly transformed into a sunny feel. When a moment feels like an eternity and you just wait, then the sun appears, what a transformation.

I have this beautiful brick church I use to sit by while drinking something hot and eating cinnamon rolls. It is surrounded by older houses, very charming and a great retreat from the modern structures by the Opera.

While the computer broke down, I got to live a little more vintage by spending the evenings filled with books. One thing I learned, you get to read tons.









Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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From the noise at Otto-Braun-Strasse, to the solitude.

A room to myself for four nights, it was quite the difference from the shared experience at Otto-Braun-Strasse, Berlin. A street covered in traffic, which made it hard to sleep in the morning, to the solitude at the hostel Haraldsheim in Oslo. Slumbered in my red “pajamas” while waking up early for breakfast, only to get back to bed afterwards without a single soul in the room. Like a night and day, really.

Once you´ve experienced the noise from Otto-Braun-Strasse, this felt like a retreat of a more quiet kind. Even a late-sleeper like myself, setting the alarm to wake up earlier to enjoy the complimentary breakfast, a highlight. Quite the difference from the mega dorm in Berlin, where I got a runny nose and started coughing.

Once you get some time and space, you get a gap to reflect on issues, hardly time strolling a suitcase all over Berlin. My resume is far from perfect, it is what is, it´s who I am, I don´t have an impressive LinkedIn profile, but I have traveled to both Egypt and Azerbaijan on my own, even to Russia partially alone, I would probably be more comfortable in a job a little outside the box, not given up on Berlin and finding work. For instance, helping in deporting fake refugees is something I would like to do, the refugee crisis is a myth, it´s artificially created by Angela Merkel, the EU and the UN. Unfortunately, the job of dismantling the reception centers it´s a hard one. There was one incident with a family and railway tracks in Hungary, it was staged and comparable to the concept “Pallywood.”

I came to Berlin from Athens literally with nothing, I slept outside on the floor of police station at Schönefeld airport, all I have is myself but I know the refugee issue well enough. In Athens I slept at the airport, all I could afford, it made me tougher. Perhaps on such a hard task, some real life experience is not as bad rather than having a flawless resume. In Hurghada I was dragged on the side of the bus taking us the hotel by the driver, in Athens I ran after male robbers who took my backpack and in Baku I walked alone at night.

First and foremost, I have experience in answering political questions on Twitter and other social media, I can deal with various political topics including Islam. I spend much time reading about each topic, to know better how to respond. Twitter is a great tool to interact. Anything from Ukraine, Azerbaijan to Israel, for instance Vladimir Putin uses Kremlin trolls to spread misinformation on social media about Ukraine. I have tweeted  Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Syrian Presidency to mention some. Twitter is as mentioned a great tool. I might not have this on paper, but I have learned alot still. Yes, I get the odd image of a severed head, but it´s not an issue, having seen numerous uncensored ISIL execution videos to be more prepared.

Having been a little over a month in Berlin recently, been confronted with a chador-ish outfit at the Mall of Berlin McDonald´s, but also an Islamic prayer at one Kamps Backstube, think it´s safe to say Germany got some issues to work with. img_5305
Image by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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Sky view

After carrying my heavy suitcase up three flights of stairs late in the evening yesterday, I sat down in my bed for the night at Grand Hostel Berlin. The hostel got a timeless and historical design,  to preserve this I assume it only got stairs. Managed just fine though, even though I admit I got a little sweat from the arm workout.

The sleep though, slept like a princess. One month in Berlin, 16 hostels and two nights in other various locations, been quite a few rough patches. 16 hostels also means seen lots of the city from Moabit, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Schöneweide, Prenzlauer Berg and more. There have been days where I´d though I could not manage another patch, I´m still here though. Having opened up the idea of having the capacity for more patches. Right before New Year I was in the outskirts of Berlin, Schöneweide, let´s say I´m not the most wealthy person, with no idea whether I even could get through the weekend. I did though, but it is an out of the body experience. It was a very sunny day down there, and walking across a bridge admiring these (perhaps not all in use now) brick buildings, it was just a lovely view to take in. Brick, got a soft spot for it. img_4940-2



Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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With the red suitcase out for a little fresh air

Found myself comfortably in St. Christopher´s Inn the last couple of nights, in the oasis. Meaning a little more privacy, plus the luxury of a kitchen right next door. You get more of a living in Berlin kind of feeling.

Today, I took a stroll around the neighborhood which is only a short walk from Alexanderplatz, although when you come here you´ll be met with a tad lower buildings, even got some homey Oslo vibes here and there. Oslo, naturally is the city I feel the most at home in. It´s just this feeling of sitting right where you can take a dive into water at Tjuvholmen, looking in direction of the Islands, it´s magical.







Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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From one morning waking up in the East

The wall nowadays only scattered in pieces around the city, still there is that East flair here and there. In the evening yesterday I took a brief halt outside the DDR museum on some bench structure, the majestic Berliner Dom and the River Spree were a haunting sight. Were I sat, it was pretty cold too, the Berliner Dom looked even bigger. It´s one of those buildings you can just look at, and never get tired of.

Berlin is a city with their layered history intact to see, a little old, a little Soviet and a little new. I often ponder on the thought what might have been if World War Two had not taken place, from the images seen perhaps it was a little more Paris, who knows? img_4923
Image by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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City Summer

Pondered upon the Munich shooting on the conflicting narratives, what to believe is the narrative closest to the truth. Five years ago my capital Oslo (Utøya) suffered a bomb blast, and only two days after I went to see the damage. One theory in the Munich shooting links it to Anders B. Breivik according to the investigators  (a claim sounding modified according to this Tagesschau article) while CNN reportedly had an eyewitness “Loretta” describing the shooter having said “Allahu Akbar.”

Makes you wonder which is correct or if there is more to the story. Sentiments of empathy for the victims aside, pondering upon the narratives offers reflection. It´s a little early to have a precise opinion from my point of view, however welcomes more in-depth information on what appears to have been a planned shooting. There might be graphic content in the links. For more updates @KajsaJAndersen on Twitter.





Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen (Oslo, Norway)

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Mittens and boots

February is coming, gone through a very cold period and staying inside been the natural choice. It´s been the kind of cold no layers of warm clothes could have embraced, most likely you would end up cold. This weekend the temperatures increased, you can witness the change from crisp powder snow to a more moist consistency. Admit it´s rather nice having yet another winter month behind, spring is such a lovely season up north. Watching the flowers blossom, look forward to the wonderful sight. IMG_2362Cookies








IMG_2378CookiesImages by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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