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Between a bloody duvet and mega dorm, looking towards Friedrichstrasse

Nowadays the road to my dreams seems long, like the dreams of the people who lived in “Ørkenen Sur,” where everyday life is of little glamour and its all about making it to the next one. Several Norwegians ended up in “Ørkenen Sur” around the time of the Great Depression, making homes on a landfill site in Brooklyn.

For some the hopes of wealth and prosperity instead ended up being quite reversed, and going back to Norway could have been a defeat and instead chose to stay. Between a bloody duvet and a mega dorm in Berlin, the return to Oslo it hasn´t exactly been the cure, perhaps though the ever-changing days in Berlin made me more prepared to meet more.

While I was sitting inside the Starbucks by the subway station Friedrichstrasse, I was very much reminded of dreams I´ve tried to bury both a little out of fright and also if I deserved it. Nonetheless, having dreams and pursuing them two different stories. east-river-below-brooklyn-bridge-1941





Images via, Photo: Courtesy of Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection / Indiana University Archives

Documentary “Ørkenen Sur” NRK click here

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Reminiscing in maps and coffee shops

When you suffer from Berlin withdrawals, was most likely not “chance” leading me to the coffee shop Hendrix Ibsen with a coffee shop in Berlin, Oslo kaffebar, around Nordbahnhof. One month in the big city, ironically, got to this first arriving in Oslo. Developed a habit of diving comfortably in a chair at Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus to open a book or letting the mind wander by the Vertikaler Garten. The latter, a vertical garden containing numerous plants, on cold December days provided a pleasant escape.

Thinking back on my new favorite things, first Treptower Park with the exciting abandoned Spreepark and Sowjetische Ehrenmal nearby. Imagining how it must be during summer, with a cold beverage or just strolling around. Another newcomer, Flakturm Humboldthain in Volkspark Humboldthain. Saw it in the BTNG music video “Gewachsen auf Beton” and something I just had to see. Traveled on a very tight budget, but this was part of the park Sunday I had.img_5210


img_5216Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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The red suitcase gang meets again in Oslo

Back in Norway tonight, worked on my airport hair (let me tell you, it´s not as easy to keep up with hygiene in such a location) again at Schönefeld for a couple of nights before departing, it´s that kind of hair with does get a little extra glossy rather quick. Spent one week once literally sleeping, eating and living at the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos, was in November last year.

Me, my biggest red suitcase and a purple backpack. One week with those two tagging along everywhere, it´s like a little family now of irritation and joy kinda. On the extra glossy hair, resorted to the hoodie as the week progressed, I never really got the washing right, so I just tried to hide the extra glossy strands of hair.

On one morning, it was a surprise for me waking up at a crowded McDonald´s, only to have remembered to have decided to stay there the other night. I rushed to the ladies room before realizing it, as I was just taken by the surprise. img_5144
Image by: Kajsa J. Andersen (Schönefeld, magazine is purchased)

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Sky view

After carrying my heavy suitcase up three flights of stairs late in the evening yesterday, I sat down in my bed for the night at Grand Hostel Berlin. The hostel got a timeless and historical design,  to preserve this I assume it only got stairs. Managed just fine though, even though I admit I got a little sweat from the arm workout.

The sleep though, slept like a princess. One month in Berlin, 16 hostels and two nights in other various locations, been quite a few rough patches. 16 hostels also means seen lots of the city from Moabit, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Schöneweide, Prenzlauer Berg and more. There have been days where I´d though I could not manage another patch, I´m still here though. Having opened up the idea of having the capacity for more patches. Right before New Year I was in the outskirts of Berlin, Schöneweide, let´s say I´m not the most wealthy person, with no idea whether I even could get through the weekend. I did though, but it is an out of the body experience. It was a very sunny day down there, and walking across a bridge admiring these (perhaps not all in use now) brick buildings, it was just a lovely view to take in. Brick, got a soft spot for it. img_4940-2



Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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With the red suitcase out for a little fresh air

Found myself comfortably in St. Christopher´s Inn the last couple of nights, in the oasis. Meaning a little more privacy, plus the luxury of a kitchen right next door. You get more of a living in Berlin kind of feeling.

Today, I took a stroll around the neighborhood which is only a short walk from Alexanderplatz, although when you come here you´ll be met with a tad lower buildings, even got some homey Oslo vibes here and there. Oslo, naturally is the city I feel the most at home in. It´s just this feeling of sitting right where you can take a dive into water at Tjuvholmen, looking in direction of the Islands, it´s magical.







Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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From one morning waking up in the East

The wall nowadays only scattered in pieces around the city, still there is that East flair here and there. In the evening yesterday I took a brief halt outside the DDR museum on some bench structure, the majestic Berliner Dom and the River Spree were a haunting sight. Were I sat, it was pretty cold too, the Berliner Dom looked even bigger. It´s one of those buildings you can just look at, and never get tired of.

Berlin is a city with their layered history intact to see, a little old, a little Soviet and a little new. I often ponder on the thought what might have been if World War Two had not taken place, from the images seen perhaps it was a little more Paris, who knows? img_4923
Image by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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Unpolished running shoes along Tiergarten

Circumstances fixed a date with the red suitcase dragging along, my feet and the night of Berlin, twice. Although it was cut short the second time around. You get a little more vulnerable in the night, like will you get questions about the suitcase?  Truth be told, the little red monster as I call it is what I carry around looking for work. Some clothes and stuff, nothing more, but it is heavy. It´s fair to say Berlin and I had a rough start, as a devoted Internet appreciator this city is a foe to my computer. The ever so sensitive computer, it just won´t make it everywhere.

Over the night, those crowded, busy sightseeing spots becomes vacant. A Soviet memorial and I, an intimate encounter. The tanks and I, plus the long roads of the Tiergarten it became an adventure for my unpolished shoes.






img_4838Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen (magazine is not sponsored)

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