Welcome to kjandersen. KJ is short for Kajsa Josephine. Andersen being my last name. I currently live in Norway. Kajsa is not a typical Norwegian name, it’s not the easiest name for foreigners to pronounce either. However people I’ve met on travels use Kajsa instead of the more convenient Josephine.

This story has nothing to do with fashion, my blog topic, at all. Instead this is a story that gives you insight about the woman (me) wearing the clothes. You, the reader have other stories to tell.

Because we are all different with numerous ideas about clothes. I am presenting my idea, and showing why clothes matter to me.

Photography by: kjandersen

27 thoughts on “About

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  2. missflamboyante says:

    Oh traveling!! We do share the same passion, and I feel at home when I walk the streets of Paris and London…. I have nominated you for the sunshine award, check out my blog for the details!
    Take care!

    • Thank you 🙂 Traveling is the way to broaden your mind and perspectives.

      It´s been a while since I was in Paris, so it´s hard to remember. But I´ve been in Paris twice 😉 I loved walking around Notre Dame. France is such a nice country. Take care! How is the weather now?

      • missflamboyante says:

        I lived a year in Paris and then moved to London for three years. I do enjoy my (more calm) life here, but it can get pretty chilly and spring came pretty late this year…

      • You´re quite the traveler. London can be hectic and crowded. But I think it´s healthy to move around 🙂 You see your own country in a different light.

        Yeah, it´s been cold forever. So it feels like. Today all of a sudden it was humid and warm.

      • missflamboyante says:

        I imagine the weather in Norway to be even more harsh than in Austria…I’m on the same page with you when it comes to travelling. I never learned and growed more anywhere or anyhow else – it’s the school of life…

      • Haha….sometimes it is 😉 I´ve only been in Austria once, during summer. So it was warm of course 😉 I couldn´t agree more. The more I see of the world, the more I learn. People from other countries often teach me better ways in life.

  3. I love to travel to! Right now though, traveling has been put on hold since baby is still too young for longer flights. But in the past, I’ve travelled places on my own. Although, I’ve only been back and forth to my home country Philippines, US and Spain and lots of places in the UK, like Wales (which I love the scenery so much!) London, and going up to Scotland. At one point, I was going to visit a friend of mine in Norway and one in Sweden but were both put on hold due to work commitments. It’s a small world!

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