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The red suitcase gang meets again in Oslo

Back in Norway tonight, worked on my airport hair (let me tell you, it´s not as easy to keep up with hygiene in such a location) again at Schönefeld for a couple of nights before departing, it´s that kind of hair with does get a little extra glossy rather quick. Spent one week once literally sleeping, eating and living at the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos, was in November last year.

Me, my biggest red suitcase and a purple backpack. One week with those two tagging along everywhere, it´s like a little family now of irritation and joy kinda. On the extra glossy hair, resorted to the hoodie as the week progressed, I never really got the washing right, so I just tried to hide the extra glossy strands of hair.

On one morning, it was a surprise for me waking up at a crowded McDonald´s, only to have remembered to have decided to stay there the other night. I rushed to the ladies room before realizing it, as I was just taken by the surprise. img_5144
Image by: Kajsa J. Andersen (Schönefeld, magazine is purchased)

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