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Sky view

After carrying my heavy suitcase up three flights of stairs late in the evening yesterday, I sat down in my bed for the night at Grand Hostel Berlin. The hostel got a timeless and historical design,  to preserve this I assume it only got stairs. Managed just fine though, even though I admit I got a little sweat from the arm workout.

The sleep though, slept like a princess. One month in Berlin, 16 hostels and two nights in other various locations, been quite a few rough patches. 16 hostels also means seen lots of the city from Moabit, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Schöneweide, Prenzlauer Berg and more. There have been days where I´d though I could not manage another patch, I´m still here though. Having opened up the idea of having the capacity for more patches. Right before New Year I was in the outskirts of Berlin, Schöneweide, let´s say I´m not the most wealthy person, with no idea whether I even could get through the weekend. I did though, but it is an out of the body experience. It was a very sunny day down there, and walking across a bridge admiring these (perhaps not all in use now) brick buildings, it was just a lovely view to take in. Brick, got a soft spot for it. img_4940-2



Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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