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City Summer

Pondered upon the Munich shooting on the conflicting narratives, what to believe is the narrative closest to the truth. Five years ago my capital Oslo (Utøya) suffered a bomb blast, and only two days after I went to see the damage. One theory in the Munich shooting links it to Anders B. Breivik according to the investigators  (a claim sounding modified according to this Tagesschau article) while CNN reportedly had an eyewitness “Loretta” describing the shooter having said “Allahu Akbar.”

Makes you wonder which is correct or if there is more to the story. Sentiments of empathy for the victims aside, pondering upon the narratives offers reflection. It´s a little early to have a precise opinion from my point of view, however welcomes more in-depth information on what appears to have been a planned shooting. There might be graphic content in the links. For more updates @KajsaJAndersen on Twitter.





Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen (Oslo, Norway)

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