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You Are The Only One

When Russia last year selected Polina Gagarina to represent the country in Eurovision Song Contest, it made me really excited. Sergey Lazarev for Russia this year, feels exactly the same. When I was in Russia a few years back I visited a small record store in St. Petersburg, it was a little daunting asking for assistance but it had to be done. In my head I thought I pronounced Sergey Lazarev correctly, I was wrong the cashier did not understand. Ended up having to look for it myself.

His song “You Are The Only One” to the contest been on massive repeat, when you have such high expectations it´s great having them met. Very familiar with the rest of his music, some of my favorites are “7 wonders,” “Heartbeat,””Vspominay” and “Naydi Menya.” Who knows what´s going to happen in Eurovision Song Contest? fCwl4N2VqQY






Image credit: RTR

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