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A Walkman and a chair

Capitalism vs. communism, or the power play between the US and the former Soviet Union. That is the theme of the German series “Deutschland 83,” which I just started watching (some graphic content). It´s revolving around Martin Rauch whom leaves his East German home, to infiltrate the West German army. Halfway into it, wonderful acting by the cast.

A person like myself who have no recollection of the Cold War period, it´s difficult to understand this particular political conflict. Remnants could of course be traced in the political sphere at present time, “Deutschland 83” however describes a tale of the technological progression of the past. The Walkman, forbidden literature and 99 Luftballons are all contributing to setting the mood.






Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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8 thoughts on “A Walkman and a chair

  1. Thomas Haggerty says:

    I was on a submarine during the late 1980’s. We played cat and mouse games with Russian submarines in the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans. Very tense activities.

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