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Oh, those summer nights…

Written in collaboration with CupoNation. Oh my, it has been a delight spending time outside in summer clothes the past few days. Summer ready, yes. Evenings have gone by hotel dreaming of Athens, Greece. Never been there, but wish for the history and local cuisine. On top of my list the Acropolis, Syntagma Square and the Agora. Other sights naturally as well.

Being spontaneous too for the unexpected gems, for instance the charming cafe “Musiko Kafeneio” in Nea Smyrni with a laid-back feel. For those days in-between sightseeing to unwind and enter relax mode. I like a mix of planned activities and open hours. Now and then, it´s nice to just start somewhere and see where the days takes you.

Have you been to Athens, Greece?

CupoNation offers great discounts and so called rabattkoder in fashion, travel, sports, beauty, magazines and more. . Currently, there is a discount for travels via Apollo to the Mediterranean (Rome, Nice and Palma) in May (applicable to Norway). athen-36032635-1422533494-ImageGalleryLightbox athen-36032665-1422533494-ImageGalleryLightbox athen-36558269-1422533494-ImageGalleryLightbox athen-36558305-1422533494-ImageGalleryLightbox athen-36558275-1422533494-ImageGalleryLightbox Images via: apollo.no @VK, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Bloglovin


22 thoughts on “Oh, those summer nights…

  1. Hei Kajsa 🙂 Så herlige bilder!! Har aldri vært i Athen… Men vært endel i Hellas, nydelig!! 🙂 Ha en deilig kveld! Nå fikk jeg lyst til å reise til Hellas!! 🙂

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