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Relax @ 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

Hope you have/still enjoys lazy Christmas days, discovered 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin (also in Hamburg, Zürich, Wien and Frankfurt). Instantly, the monkey drew me in. What do you think? Check out the hotel here. 3628de8e8aea4b9b81cad09544c21fdd 27f0f514d29c4dc69c8042d618a1cb60 ff01f52cd4554a2e8b41f48949449cbb 6dd7f672984f4d3285ca5bde615f7422 2893_7_25hours_Hotel_Bikini_Berlin-Aussenansicht
Image credit: 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, via archilovers.com

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19 thoughts on “Relax @ 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

  1. Why am I not there?! Wow. Love the new blog layout!!!! I’m so sorry that I’ve neglected your blog lately, I do love it!!! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday and all the very best to you in the New Year.

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