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On Reports and Evening Strolls

Partly read the Senate Intelligence Committee´s report on the CIA´s detention and interrogation program. A report which goes into detail of the different torture methods used to extract information from the detainee. Important but hard material to digest, some already known (helpful to see the issue receiving attention again). Self-examination is vital for a country to progress, this report offers such kind.
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Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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10 thoughts on “On Reports and Evening Strolls

  1. Thomas Haggerty says:

    If only some accountability would come from this (highly unlikely)
    but to recognize this was done, the next step is to put some measures in place to never again allow this activity.

    • Kom til å tenke på bildene fra Abu Ghraib-fengselet i Irak rundt 2004, der det fremkom bevis på tortur (noe som også rapporten nevner). Men at CIA har hatt denne omfattende bruken, det var nytt. Bruker litt tid på å lese gjennom den nå. Ha en fin kveld du også ❤

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