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Back to Basics

Due to the modem and router not acting as BFFs the past few days, gone back to the basics dusting off my DVD collection (evenings snuggled up watching). Purchased a copy of the Christmas issue of “Kamille,” had my first taste of Christmas last week devouring a pinnekjøtt meal. Think it has something to do with sheep. IMG_6014Cookies IMG_6015Cookies IMG_6020Cookies IMG_6025Cookies IMG_6031Cookies IMG_6032Cookies IMG_6036Cookies
Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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12 thoughts on “Back to Basics

    • Yes Christmas is a great time of the year, it is a real sheep I´m afraid. Here in Norway it´s not unusual to eat different types of meat, especially for Christmas. Pinnekjøtt is a traditional Christmas dish, I am though a little unsure about the type of meat since it´s not often I eat. But I am always for treating animals with care and giving them proper nutrients.

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