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Money Route

Hope you are enjoying Sunday. Learned about the Iran-backed political and militant group Hezbollah yesterday (The Hezbollah Mystery, How Hezbollah Recruits Followers in Lebanon). Hezbollah (“Party of God”) gained ground during the Lebanese civil war (1975-1990), in the aftermath of Israel´s invasion (1982) and occupation. The Israeli intent was to expel Palestinian militants operating in Southern Lebanon, which lead to a faction of disenfranchised Shiites taking up arms supporting an Iranian-style clerical regime. Financed by Iran´s Revolutionary Guards in its infancy, the movement executed suicide attacks for instance on the U.S embassy. 

Think it´s interesting to get an overview of the different militant groups operating in the Middle East. Understanding Gaza is not enough, the Gaza-Israeli perspective is helpful but also the wider perspective including Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt etc. Financial ties, tracking the money route. In the Lebanese narrative Hezbollah likely is a resistance movement, while in the Israeli narrative a terrorist group. How each country shapes their narrative is what makes the Middle East puzzle complicated. Focused less on my own opinion this time, opening up for reflections. IMG_5549Cookies-2
IMG_5552Cookies november 2Cookies
Sweater (old) H&M, Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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8 thoughts on “Money Route

  1. I’m not sure I understand for your post if Israel have side to terrorism…Israeli [eople just want peace and the palestine which they have terrorist groups want to take control, money and everything Israel have since they believe the land belong to them. anyway , I like your opnion and glad you find some interest in the middle east situation

    • Thank you for your comment, it´s not easy writing about these complicated matters involving different religions etc. My purpose of this post is to see the bigger picture and the different actors involved, there is lots more to the Gaza story than what comes out of Gaza itself. To investigate educational institutions has helped me. Like the curriculum at UNRWA which supports your land argument (the right of return). It´s difficult when children are being taught about resistance, when there is little historical evidence supporting the right of return. How do you go about working for change when it´s already part of a child´s education? A question I´ve been thinking about, yet to find a good answer.

      Have only heard Bibi talk about Hezbollah, but never really taken the time to learn what they are about, until now. I know more about Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, aware of their tactics and methods.

  2. I certainly agree with you; there is definitely more than meets the eye with such a complex topic. I need to do some more reading before I come to a definite opinion. “How each country shapes their narrative is what makes the Middle East puzzle complicated.” I couldn’t have said this any better! Awesome post, Kajsa!

    • Yes, it really is complicated. I only presented a small portion to ponder on. You can do your independent research, I always think it´s great to form an opinion through extensive reading. In my case I focus on security the most.

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