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On History and Politics

Learned about Cambodian dictator Pol Pot from the documentary “Pol Pot – Tyrant & Dictator” and the 1984 movie release “The Killing Fields.” Pol Pot reigned from 1976-1979 supported by the military unit Khmer Rouge. The goal, an agricultural society inspired by the ideas of Mao Zedong aimed to ban all Western influence. Citizens were collectivized in villages, working for 12-15 hours a day. Poor nutrition lead to mass deaths due to diseases and exhaustion.

The Pol Pot regime executed people connected to the old regime and other intellectuals, approximately 1,5 and 2 million people were killed under these circumstances scientists claims. Numbers from the archives of Khmer Rouge´s secret police, Santebal, counts 600 000. Ten thousands of Khmer Rouge´s own were also executed on suspicion of untrustworthiness. Torture was a feature of the Pol Pot regime. Pol Pot died in 1998. (Source: snlsnl)

With these more dark sides of politics, I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. I add stories like these to focus on learning and knowledge.

october 19
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20 thoughts on “On History and Politics

  1. Hei Kajsa 🙂 Håper du har hatt en fin søndag ❤ Å tilegne seg kunnskap er alltid bra, det er så utrolig mange historier jeg gjerne skulle lært mere om! Her lærer jeg mere, takk 🙂 Ønsker deg en flott mandag ❤

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