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Here We Stand On Brandenburger Tor

hand in hand like it was yesterday, Ketil Stokkan sang in the Norwegian 1990 ESC-entry “Brandenburger Tor.” A song dedicated to the unification of Germany, yesterday “Good bye Lenin!” was on my movie menu. Depicting the historical event from an East German perspective, the mother to the main character Alex (Daniel Brühl) falls into a coma prior to the fall of the GDR (DDR). Won´t tell too much about the storyline, the movie is worth a watch as East Germans have stories to tell themselves. I, have only the knowledge of a unified Germany, understanding the division is a constant learning experience.

Found a few images related to the Stasi and Erich Honecker’s (one of the last GDR leaders, only to be followed by Egon Krenz) garden hut. Look at the rest here. One day I want to pay the Stasi-Museum a visit. Stasi was the intelligence network in East Germany. stasi-secret-rooms-1 stasi-secret-rooms 37516095612aecbfd0c22d4db54c4f27
1. An exhibition view from the Nikolaj Kunsthal museum in Copenhagen 2. Bautzen special prison: courtyard 3. Wandlitz: Honecker’s garden hut, Images via:

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