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Sunday Smiling

For some Sunday is a day of worship and religion. Used to be for me too, born into the LDS faith, Sunday meant going to church for three hours. Now it´s a thing of the past, Sunday is more sleeping and relaxing. Miss church, no, Sunday has become a much more pleasant and fun day. Came across some LDS architecture here. A pretty cool building, I´d say.  dsc_0300_adj-1dsc_0285_adj-1dsc_0312_adj-1
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49 thoughts on “Sunday Smiling

    • Ja synes det var spennende å se på alle bildene fra bloggen, så tenkte jeg bare måtte dele. Godt at du syntes posten var grei, er ikke verdens enkleste tema å skrive om. Men greit for folk å vite litt om bakgrunnen min også 🙂

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