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Trucker´s Hitch

Glad Ylvis are back with “Trucker´s Hitch,” had hoped for something similar to their addictive “The Fox.” I hum about knots doing the dishes, all of a sudden. Trucker´s Hitch has nothing to do with trucks (not a truck encyclopedia, I can´t say if any the below are trucks, but fun to explore the unknown). Featuring some inspiring photos from a Truck Love! board. If you want to learn how to do a Trucker´s Hitch click here. 2f96ee448ee93e7a1fa7911b2d8432f5 e099db42b307271c4e074ed695a367ca 39294157ff6163fe3bac982e675640c7 462535417025a9744f0a63e036ab8fac 04da8c9242065a513da7f527157323b1
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