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Travel: Tel Aviv

When I purchased the newest issue of ELLE Norway, a copy of “Mann” followed with it. “Mann” is a magazine for men, mann is man in English. Fortunate to see a favorite Leo Ajkic on the cover, luck. Whether the magazine is for men or women, I read.

The issue features a travel story of Tel Aviv, Israel a city really triggering my excitement bug. Found some images from, feel free to check out more by clicking on the link here. Tel-Aviv-5-Conde Nast Traveller-5Apr13-Amit-Geron_b_1080x720 Tel-Aviv-9-Conde Nast Traveller-5Apr13-Amit-Geron_b_1080x720 Tel-Aviv-12-Conde Nast Traveller-5Apr13-Amit-Geron_b_1080x720 Tel-Aviv-15-Conde Nast Traveller-5Apr13-Amit-Geron_b_1080x720 Tel-Aviv-18-Conde Nast Traveller-5Apr13-Amit-Geron_b_1080x720

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