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No Silence

I must admit I`ve slept a tad lighter thinking about what´s going on in Syria and Iraq in regards to The Islamic State, seen some sad and graphic videos. Leaving me in thoughts on what I can do more to raise awareness, by chance I discovered this quote by Carmen de Monteflores “Oppression can only survive through silence.” This post is not sponsored but my way of not being silent, I follow any new development. Any item you like?

Oppression Can Only Survive Through Silence1. Shilla Revolutionary Quilt Mini Skirt 2. ISABEL MARANT ÉTOILE revolution sweatshirt 3. LE SPECS Revolution Rogue acetate D-frame sunglasses 4. ASOS REVOLUTION Ankle Boots 5. ASOS REVOLUTION Ankle Boots

12 thoughts on “No Silence

  1. That’s a lovely collage you put together. And you’re so right, we can’t keep quiet about things like this. The more people put their worries and fears into words maybe the more will be done and the more awareness will be raised.

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