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The German Doctor

The “Angel of Death” Josef Mengele conducted medical experiments at the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War Two. It was in Munich while studying philosophy, the racial ideology of Alfred Rosenberg was introduced into his life. Joining the Stahlhelm (Steel Helmet) in 1931, later in 1933 the SA and applying for party membership in 1937, being accepted into the Nazi Party. Racial hygiene, hereditary biology, physical anthropology and genetics were fields of great interest for Mengele. Publishing articles on genetic abnormalities and racial variations in primary features, prior to arriving at Auschwitz. Where he was appointed chief doctor, resulting in several fatal and brutal medical experiments which killed over 400.000 victims hence the name “Angel of Death.”

Providing the background for the main character in the movie “The German Doctor.” The year is 1960 in Argentina, when the German doctor Helmut Gregor takes notice of a girl called Lilith. Calling her the “perfect specimen.” Gregor takes lodging at her parents hotel, hereafter becoming their friend and doctor. Only upon discovery of his real name, Josef Mengele, life turns upside down for the family. “The German Doctor” is slow-paced and raw. Personally been to Auschwitz and several other concentration camps, while watching I felt the urge to tell Lilith to be careful of trusting this doctor. Knowing all to well the true nature of Josef Mengele. Have you seen “The German Doctor?”

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12 thoughts on “The German Doctor

    • No offence, but it is not a little sad, it is beyond sad and horrific. It should be thought about and you should know about it. The Nazi doctors conducted many deadly medical experiments that killed many innocent Jewish children and other concentration camp prisoners.

      • Yes, it´s sadly a part of European history and not Europe´s finest chapter. You are right that it´s a serious topic. However, people react differently to the topic also. Depends on what kind of relationship a person have with the topic. You never know really, until you talk about it. That´s a reason why I wrote this post.

        I´m very grateful for each of the comments as they all give me new insight.

  1. Thank you, dear Kajsa for the post. I was unfamiliar with the movie, but will look for it . I am not sure how easy it will be for me to watch, but nonetheless it is important. Big HUGS to you. ❤

  2. Sounds like an interesting movie, I’ll definitely check it out. I’ve been to Auschwitz several times and I think what happened there (and in every other camp) is essential for everyone to know.

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