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To the yard

Scheduled some yardwork tonight, dressed in a lumberjack-ish attire. Feel free to browse through my documentary Pinterest board, have seen all but one. A few comes with graphic content, I aim to create a versatile board just to inform. This week I was moved by this video. I hope your week was great and that you are up for a good weekend ❤ August 8 Follow me on VK, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Bloglovin


16 thoughts on “To the yard

  1. Of course the main news of the week was Eurovision related! We now know where the 2015 ESC will be held…

    My question to you, Kajsa, is:

    “Are you going to Vienna?” 🙂

      • I enjoyed writing the Helena post as it is one of my favourite ESC winning entries ever – she is also one of the most beautiful ESC winners too (is that a pre-requisite of being a Survivor?) 😉

        I have never been to the ESC before – I did intend to go to Copenhagen but plans fell through. I’ll have to see what I’m doing in May 🙂

        If we are both there, I’ll buy you an Apfelstrudel!

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