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I’ve been looking for you, lone star.

Says the character Rayon (Jared Leto) in the movie “Dallas Buyers Club,” Set in Dallas during the 1980s, telling the story of electrician and hustler Ron Woodroof´s (Matthew McConaughey) HIV and AIDS battle. The real Ron Woodroof received an AIDS diagnosis in 1986, AZT was the sole drug on the market to treat the disease. Upon the diagnosis, Ron was given just six months to live and he promptly began a regimen of AZT. Which nearly killed him. At the time the U.S government knew very little, how to combat, Woodroof took proactive measures studying the disease and how it affected the body. Searching worldwide for drugs to counteract and experimenting with non-FDA-approved medication and other drugs.

Woodroof founded the Dallas Buyers Club in March 1988,  he received help from his doctor and a fellow patient. Out of his Oak Lawn, Texas apartment Ron operated a large distribution center for experimental AIDS treatments. Resulting in a huge network of buyers and sellers, aiming to fly under the FDA radar. FDA turned the other cheek a while, it was only after network growth federal officials looked into the club. Woodroof, though claimed the club was not run for profit. Ron battled for six years with his own treatments before dying in Texas September 12. 1992. (source:

I saw “Dallas Buyers Club” yesterday and was really moved by the story, it raised many questions. Aimed to focus on the real Ron, to draw attention to an important issue. Included a Vimeo by Caleb Vinson called in DALLAS, a short movie just in tune with “Dallas Buyers Club.”

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The Window

Happy weekend ❤ Enjoyed reading the blog Komikerfrue this week, the blogger is married to a Norwegian comedian. Her entries are lively and real, the language Norwegian.

Sunday, last week the fabulous Leslie Mann entertained in “The Other Woman.” A movie I found myself liking, just the kind of movie in true Friday movie spirits. Have you seen it?

august tjueni en 2014 August tjueni to 2014Necklace Never Naked, Dress (old) Oasis

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The Desk

Hope Thursday is or treated you well ❤ Fried red onion in a pan for the first time, yellow onion better, the red onion tasted okay. Watched some clips from Hamas TV (other channels too), to see what they are broadcasting to the Palestinians.

Thanks to The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), video clips are available with English subtitles. Understand so much more through their great service, lovely to come across a service focusing on translation only. IMG_2284Cookies                                    IMG_2288Cookies IMG_2289Cookies

Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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Falling Stars

Had a late evening walk to the local football pitch (it´s way into the night now, no worries at home), David Archuleta “Falling Stars” and actual stars. Some songs just set the tone, like being in a movie. Agree, a little dirt on the path does not hurt. When I was a child I used to play in the yard mixing water and dirt, dressed in clean, white shirts.

f02f3f160b8d5b32290793dd5a8e9015 Image via:

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