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Heat Island

Hope your Saturday treated you well, mine has been sunny, hot and in motion walking. Yoshiyasu Tamura and McQ are giving the Japanese youth culture, a run for its money this upcoming fall/winter. It´s as I hear Rhymester “Heat Island” in the background (one of few Japanese hip hop songs I´ve heard), leather and denim combined double edgy. What do you think? c8014c0bd896a01720d60d17d1c16a49 Image via:

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8 thoughts on “Heat Island

    • Lette etter noe som skilte seg ut idag 🙂 Hadde vært artig prøvd noe av dette. Så herlig, det er skikkelig sommer i år. Får nyte soldagene alle som en 🙂 ha en strålende kveld du også.

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