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Jungle Fever

Tarzan & Jane weather going on, almost like it´s a sign of the return of summer again. The animation of “Tarzan,” a movie I watch over and over again. Captivating story. Do you have a favorite animated movie? “Peter Pan”, “The Lion King” and “Cinderella” are also great. july syvende 1 2014Cookies july syvende to 2014CookiesGanni for Eurowoman Tee, Selected Femme Bianca Necklace nelly.com

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16 thoughts on “Jungle Fever

  1. Looking good again Kajsa – liking the change in hair style 🙂

    I like a lot of animated movies, most of them are happy go-lucky…

    If you want to watch some excellent dark stuff, try “Akira” (the quintessential Manga film) or even “Watership Down” (it’s not all about fluffy bunny rabbits)…

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