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Future Is Now

Have spent my weekend watching documentaries about the history of Ukraine, the Ukrainian artificial famine of 1932-33 (the Holodomor) and the 1915 Armenian genocide. Want to say that I put the responsibility of the Ukrainian famine on Stalin and the Armenian genocide on the people from the Ottoman Empire who planned and executed, not the Russian or Turkish population. Sadly, there was also a 1921 Russian famine, due to natural and human causes. Though the topics are heavy, I am thankful to gain knowledge for a better understanding.

Shifting to a lighter topic, I really wish for this übercool Future Is Now bag from Nasty Gal. The bag has mesh paneling, metallic hardware and a chain shoulder strap. What do you think?

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16 thoughts on “Future Is Now

  1. I once did a report on the Armenian genocide and the things I read were horrible. I just don’t understand why some still dispute whether it happened or not. Politics I guess… I love the bag and the mesh detail in the front, very different 🙂

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