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Ancient Flair

Good morning, day or evening, depending on time zone. Starting off my day listening to Emre Aydin “Son Defa.”  Strolled through Oslo yesterday, have a super athletic brother who challenges me to become more athletic. Finally figured out a great system to maintain a better habit, a scheduled workout hour several times per week. Walking is better than sitting on a chair is my motto.

Read in the latest issue of InStyle Germany, that wearing clothing pieces having a certain ancient flair is okay. I love ancient buildings with a passion. Serving you both white and “ancient” menswear from the Dolce & Gabbana SS 14 collection this sunny Saturday, time for a late breakfast. What do you think of the collection? dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-men-fashion-show-runway-01-zoom dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-men-fashion-show-runway-21-zoom dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-men-fashion-show-runway-22-zoom dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-men-fashion-show-runway-23-zoom dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-men-fashion-show-runway-53-zoom Images via:

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8 thoughts on “Ancient Flair

  1. Good evening 🙂 The Dolce and Gabbana SS 2014 collection is hands down in my top 5 collections. I like how they incorporate history and stay true to their Italian roots.

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