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Friday Thoughts

Hope you all are having a great Friday. Wish to especially say thanks for the support on Google+, I really enjoy each comment and like.

Ever since the Kremlin went into Crimea, have I set aside time daily to learn every aspect of the conflict. I don´t shy away from uncomfortable videos, seen them all, even the viewers discretion is advised ones. Thoughts I have following from a distance, one is that Ukraine has the right to get closer to Europe on their own terms. I am not the biggest European Union supporter, in my personal opinion Ukraine being a part of Europe geographically, means Ukraine is Europe already. A membership in the EU is not necessary, the map is enough to include Ukraine into an European sphere.

Two, throughout the process I now see the government struggles Russian citizens are faced with. I´ve known, but not known really how the government controls everyday life. I have a fondness for Russian culture, I regard the Ukrainian crisis on a political level, whenever I criticize I only criticize the political level. The crisis is a border dispute, Ukraine has every right to protect its borders (in the same way if Russia is threatened). I really hope for the best, both Russia and Ukraine benefits in solving the issues. may 30 2014Cookies I am on VK, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Bloglovin


10 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts

  1. Det er ikke lett det der nei… Men, google+ vil gjerne støtte og kommentere der! hva gjør jeg da? Håper du har en fin kveld:) kost meg med blåskjell og hvitvin:)

  2. I hope you are having a great weekend ;)! I love how you are staying informed with the situation and educating yourself on the conflict (I should be doing this more). I only hope that things work out for both Russia and Ukraine.

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