Happy Birthday Norway!

Celebrated the 200th anniversary of Norway´s Constitution Day. Normally I sleep in, missing the children´s parade. Exception to the rule this year, no. A nice, long breakfast and a lovely evening walk in Oslo with mom. People dressed in national costumes (bunad), a lively atmosphere in pubs/restaurants and people everywhere. Really a great day to be proud of my country.  The first building is our parliament (Stortinget). IMG_0475Cookies IMG_0477Cookies IMG_0478Cookies IMG_0485Cookies Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Norway!

  1. Ohh congrats. I didn’t know it was the 200th anniversary. Impressive. Glad you enjoyed the day with your family & thanks for the pretty pictures. 😀

    • 😀 You´re welcome, it is one of those days when it´s okay to feel a little patriotic. Our Independence Day is on June 7th, but we don´t celebrate that day in such manners.

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