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Beauty: Smashbox

My sister signed her and myself up for a Smashbox make-up event today. Odd but true such events makes me worried, a tad silly to say I tend to laugh when a person applies eye make-up. Concentrated and pulled out my best self, would look a little strange to burst out in laughter. Glad it´s over 😉 Went for a pretty natural look, nothing drastic. Here is a sample of what the make-up artist used. I´m a Smashbox first timer. Tried any?

Beauty: Smashbox1. Photo Finish Primer 2. Photo Set Pressed Powder 3. Jet Black “Full Exposure” Mascara Nordstrom 4.Gunmetal Always Sharp 3D Liner 5. Pretty Social Be Legendary Lipstick 

18 thoughts on “Beauty: Smashbox

  1. Haft en jättebra dag tack 🙂 Alltid kul att bli sminkad tycker jag hehe. Har inte provat smashbox, kör på säkra favoriter. Är det något du rekommenderar?

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