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I´m so happy on behalf of Armenia, this year they deserve a good result in Eurovision. “Not Alone” sums of my day. Okay to say that the last minute of the song is kinda hot? Subtle, but it works for me. Time to find out what´s for dinner, wishing you all a blissful weekend ❤ May 9Cookies-3Second Female Necklace Never Naked, Top Urban Outfitters

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22 thoughts on “White

    • Det blir det 🙂 Gjør ikke det store spranget geografisk stemmemessig, stemte på Azerbaijan i fjor 😉 Liker å kjøre mitt eget stemmeløp. Du får kose deg med å lytte til Irland, Italia og Nederland på Spotify.

  1. Unfortunately, we don’t get to follow the Eurovision competition here in the states, but, per your recomendation, we will have to check this song out. Gorgeous you in white. Have a fabulous week, luv.

    XOXO N & N

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