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ESC Night Part Two

Gotta say Eurovision 2014 has been better than anticipated. Guessed 8/10 countries correctly this night also, 16 out of 20 countries in total. Ranked Greece, Romania, Austria (the prettiest of the night) and the charming Teo from Belarus highest in the second semifinal, tonight. Voted for the first, what a show RiskyKidd & Freaky Fortune delivered. Would not be mad if Greece was awarded lots of points in the finale 😉 Happy about Paula Seling & Ovi too from Romania. Another song that deserves points.

Had some contemplation and I am going to send my finale vote to Armenia this year, here illustrated by Sirusho the 2008 participant.The nakedness and rawness of the Armenian entry, ultimately the decisive factor. “Not Alone” is adding something new to the ballad concept, have not heard such a song before. Aram Mp3 takes a risk this year and I am all for taking risks. Hopefully my sister votes for Greece in the finale too 🙂 Have you decided? 1966715_621689924577434_270807295_nImage via: Sirusho Official Fanpage 

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6 thoughts on “ESC Night Part Two

  1. I really like Ireland, but they didnt make it buhuu :/.. Italy are singing in Italian, it’s beautiful. Also I liked the country music, can’t remember what country they came from… Have a beautiful weekend sweet girl:)

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