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ESC Night Part One

As usual had food and a scoresheet ready for Eurovision Song Contest. Yes, a true Eurovision fan. Part of the fun is to predict which countries that proceeds to the finale. Tonight I guessed 8 of 10. Surprisingly I placed Montenegro highest (got a soft spot for East European languages, Montenegro scored lots of points for opting) followed by Armenia and Azerbaijan. I also liked Ukraine and Hungary.

Next semifinal I am crossing my fingers for more uptempo songs, to make the finale a balanced mix of ballads and dance songs. Did you watch the show? IMG_3814Cookies-2 I am VK, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Bloglovin


14 thoughts on “ESC Night Part One

  1. Yep, I watched it! My main surprise was Estonia not getting through but I was delighted for Montenegro and especially Valentina from San Marino for their first Final appearances. Most of the others were fairly predictable apart from Iceland who nailed their performance…

    Here’s looking forward to Thursday – us Brits can vote in that one!

  2. Hi Kajsa,

    Interesting post. Predicting who all would get to the next round does make for a great game, does it not. It brings in some sort of vindication of being able to spot the winner. Almost like in the Races…..


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