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Sex and the City Meets True Detective

Thank you readers for the entertainment the past few days, suggesting “Sex and the City” and “True Detective” fabulous. Two episodes left of the latter to unfold the murder mystery. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are a great team, in a series containing crime, biker fashion, prisons and religious connotations. “True Detective” is dark and dirty. True Detective

Quite the opposite in compared to the light and carefree “Sex and the City” universe. Where four New Yorkers exchange a common interest for men and fashion. The show is a late 90s/early new millennium fashion capsule, that must have had an impact. “Sex and the City” is perfect for any who takes an interest in clothes and expensive footwear. My style is perhaps not as flamboyant as Carrie Bradshaw´s. Normally I opt for a plain tee and a statement necklace. Adventurous on rare occasions. Have you seen any of these? carrie-sex-and-the-city-memorable-look-mink-coat-w724Images via: theguardian.comglamour.com

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24 thoughts on “Sex and the City Meets True Detective

  1. I LOVE SEX AND THE CITY!!!!!!!!!! I watch this TV Show every time when I have bad mood or just to have a fun or when I find it on TV. Its absolutely timeless TVShow! I have not seen true detective but its in my list definitely:)))

    Thank you for your comment, have a great rest of the week!

  2. I’ve watched every episode of S&TC since day one and fell in love with it in my 20’s, then watched the first couple of series again recently and thought OMG at the beginning there are times when Carrie is so childish and they are all so pretentious! But they all have broad character arks as it goes on. I’m half way through True Detective and it’s so clever!

  3. Yes, I have watched SATC umpteen times. I love it. But I never heard of True Detectives. But now that you’ve mentioned that it has Matthew McConaughey, there is no way I’m missing it. He looks so amazing already in the photo. 😀

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