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Nu kör vi

Wishing Helena Paparizou all the best in melodifestivalen tonight. “Survivor” is a song that I instantly fell for. Frustrating that I can´t vote. Regardless of outcome thankful that it was written. Eligible to vote feel free to text 06 to 722 11 or call 099 202 06, when the show begins at 8PM. Do you have a favorite Helena Paparizou song?

1947510_10153848020725034_74931120_n Image credit: SVT


10 thoughts on “Nu kör vi

  1. I have to say as a Eurovision fan, “My Number One” is one of the best choreographed ESC winners ever, only beaten by “Fairytale” for its staging…

    • “My Number One” is a classic! Fairytale got Eurovision to Norway ❤ Wouldn´t mind Alexander Rybak again in Melodi Grand Prix. People still talk about him, so he´s gotta have something. Adele for UK, perhaps impossible, but would be cool 🙂

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