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Wishing you all a happy weekend! Fancy a curly Bradley Cooper? If so, watch “American Hustle”. Watched the movie this week, Bradley Cooper did not disappoint. Amy Adams could not have played a more opposite character compared to Giselle in “Enchanted.” Tonight another Olitz episode is scheduled. Tony Goldwyn is really handsome and a perfect “president.” Have you seen “American Hustle?”

white march 1 blogg white march 2 blogg

Blouse Bik Bok by Whitney Port, Second Female Necklace Never Naked

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15 thoughts on “White

  1. I watched American Hustle before the Oscars and I have to be honest, it was the worst movie I’ve ever seen – I mean, compared to its production value. There was just so much cleavage to make up for the lack of plot and script…and I didn’t believe any of the acting. So disappointing:( Okay that’s today’s negative two cents! I think in terms of hustling, Wolf of Wall Street was a far better movie. I’ve never seen a movie with such great peformances from even the most peripheral actor!

  2. American Hustle was so good, I must admit I only watched to see Jennifer and Bradley. His curly hair looks so odd, but fit the character. I agree Amy’s role was far different…

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