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Espresso House

Switched working stations this evening from the usual Starbucks to Espresso House. The latter is no stranger, enjoyed many hours at Espresso House when I lived in Gothenburg. Feels just like home. I am very glad that there are many Swedes working in Oslo.

Took learning Swedish very serious, use every opportunity to practice and keep the language alive. Nice having street view for a change. Indulged a delicious mud cake, it´s weekend after all. Did you have a great weekend?
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20 thoughts on “Espresso House

  1. Nice cake, making me hungry! Gothenburg is not a city I have been too – admittedly I have only visited Lund and Malmo in Sweden, whilst on a coach trip from Copenhagen! Up the east coast of Denmark, down the west coast of Sweden and back via the Oresund Bridge!

    (apologies for not using the correct syntax!)

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