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As of last week, I sleep every other night with shea oil in my hair. Focusing on both natural hair and facial care. Yes, waking up with shea oil is not perhaps a recommended first time meeting the in-laws moment. Sleeping tends to make you forget the oily situation. Not going to lie, you wake up feeling you have applied tons of butter.

Definitely going to continue, oils wonΒ΄t do any harm. Discovered the artist Elif a while ago, this tune is a calm way saying hello to a new week. Have a great one.Β Olje 1 Olje 2 Olje 3 I am on Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Bloglovin


12 thoughts on “Oils

  1. I use sometimes coconut oil it’s also great for my hair, nails and skin. I usually use shea butter for my skin but still didnt try it. I think I will try this oil;)

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