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Enjoyed a family dinner this evening. A pleasure seeing my nephews and niece, they develop so quickly. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday with family, friends or an exciting series. Looked through my images today and shares a whole bunch of Baku labeled. The first one, is the house I stayed in during my stay in May 2012, BakuFlame Hostel.

Don´t recommend a stay, since nothing matched the information online. The rest are captured from different gorgeous spots of the city. The Baku Funicular, Bulvar, Flame Towers and a most lovely boat ride. Can really feel the travel bug just looking at them.

BakuA1 BakuA2 BakuA3 BakuA4 BakuA6 BakuA7 BakuA8 BakuA9 BakuA10 BakuA11 BakuA13

Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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