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Vita Necklace

How was your weekend? I treated myself a new necklace tonight. Have a similar necklace in white, was time for a black version to go with my darker pieces. The Vita Necklace from Second Female is purchased from Never Naked. Got only good things to say about the shop, I know I´ll get the necklace anytime soon. Positive that my new necklace is going to give me just as much joy as the white.

Saw a truly intriguing film yesterday, The Baader Meinhof Complex, about the German terrorist group RAF (Rote Armee Fraktion). The film mainly focused on the RAF first generation, in particular Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin and Ulrike Meinhof. How they played a part of the group´s violence waves between 1970-1972. RAF was dissolved in 1998. I can highly recommend the movie, because it has many aspects that suits a discussion.
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