Dress and Gifts

Did you get everything that you wished for? I got many fine gifts. Lavender foaming bath from L’OCCITANE, Shea Oil from the Body Shop and a cool top from Saints & Mortals. Got other gifts too. Thankful for all.

The dress I wore was an impulse buy the evening before Christmas Eve, an Oasis faux leather dress. Very happy I bought the dress, I am loving it! Elf with Will Ferrell is on in the background, Will is such a funny guy. IMG_3793copy
IMG_3805 Images by: Kajsa J. Andersen

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21 thoughts on “Dress and Gifts

  1. Gorgeous dress! I am obsessed with L’Occitane especially their skincare products. Yes, I got many gifts from my wish-list, Santa was excellent this year haha. Happy New Year Kajsa! xo

  2. Oh my my.. these are such amazing gifts. I’ve always wanted to try something from L’OCCITANE. I heard such great reviews about the brand. And the dress is so cute. Love the collar detailing. I’m sure you’ll look ravishing in it. ^_^

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