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Out shopping more gifts today, sister and myself picked out gifts together. Have to shop a few more. Great thing about shopping together, is having two minds. I don´t think I´d pick out many of the items by myself. Hope that we picked out a few surprises too. Part of the process is as mentioned, is to create faces of laughter, excitement and joy while unwrapping.

Came upon a fashion collage from Glamour Russia. Skirts are on my mind, I don´t know what it is, but I gravitate more towards everyday wear and elegant skirts. Being office chic is my go-to style. I would love having the skirt and the shirt. Come to think about it, going shopping today opened up a can of wishes. I now crave bags, skirts, blouses, sweatshirts you name it! Probably should have stayed at home, not knowing would´ve been better for the economy.


Earrings Style Avenue, Shirt H&M, Skirt Beyond Retro, Coat Меха Екатерина, Watch Tissot, Handbag Lancel, Heels Blumarine  

Collage via: Glamour Russia

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