Gifts For Him

How are you today? A Nutcracker song is being played in the cafe I am at. Lovely tune. About to eat a chicken, bacon and aioli sandwich. Replacing the usual cookie with a more wholesome snack. Born with sweet tooth, eating healthy is not in my DNA and quite the work. Past two weeks my healthy track record has improved. Discovered that being strict is the only way around.

Presents a few Christmas gift suggestions for him, every suggestion should be budget friendly. You can of course mix and match, or purchase other items. The overall idea is to opt for items without breaking the bank, there are bills to be paid after Christmas. Not going overboard with your gift budget is my recommendation. I strongly discourage spending more than you have, if you are in an economical pickle and can´t afford purchasing gifts, create them yourself using your imagination.


1. iPhone 5/5s Case, H&M 2. Sport Water Bottle, NIKE 3. Thermal Hat, Craft 4. Shirt, H&M 5. Finnan Beanie, !Solid 6. Leather Belt, H&M 7. Beard Book, ASOS 8. Modern Ethno Sock, Falke 

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