Christmas Market

Saw “Gravity” tonight, first movie from space I can say I liked. Sandra Bullock did an amazing job throughout and wonderful to see a more serious side. Seen many of her comedic roles, but not as I can recall any character with more depth. She handles both.

Mom and I went through the only Christmas market in Oslo, that I can think of beforehand. Very nice and cosy, she had a great time looking at the products. Another Christmas market visit of course would be splendid, in Berlin for example (like the one below at Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church). A great city for leisure, shopping and indulging. Click here for more info about the market outside Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Have you been to Berlin? 

Eröffnung der Berliner Weihnachtsmärkte Image via: berlin.de, credit: dpa

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8 thoughts on “Christmas Market

  1. masquerade21 says:

    I want to see Gravity so thanks for the review. We went to see The Hunger Games Catching Fire last night and it was really good, so much better than the first movie. I love christmas markets, there is a nice one in glasgow but it is quite small x

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